Dear A&E:

Let me be clear;  I have never self-identified as a redneck, and have never been a regular Duck Dynasty viewer.  Not my pâté de foie gras I reckon, but some of my dearest friends and family are ‘Duck’ devotees!

But seriously, A&E ?? … Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson is in the naughty chair ‘on hiatus’ because he holds (based on his Biblical beliefs) an adverse opinion on GLTB issues?  Apart from the marketing reality that A&E may be  shooting itself in the foot with its own cash cow ‘DD’ demographic, the network should remember that Celebrities are prone to express all sorts of personal viewpoints.  For many celebs this includes an incessant Christian-bashing.  Where is A&E’s voice when that happens?  Viciously maligned as ignorant haters because they dare to disagree with a politically (over) sensitive GLTB minority perpetually promoting their own agendae, Christians are ridiculed because they won’t ‘roll over’ and adapt on this subject.  (Did it ever dawn on the popular minority that Christians simply disagree about the legitimacy of GLTB life?  Basic disagreement does not make one a hater;  it makes one a ‘disagree-er’.)  The GLTB cries for tolerance.  But where is the tolerance toward those who simply disagree?

True DIVERSITY means ALL SIDES get to have a say.

And one final question:  When has A&E ever isolated one of its Celebs who ‘Christian-bashed’ in print?  I’m guessing it hasn’t, but if it did I would be overjoyed to stand corrected.  Is A&E prepared to monitor what all of its Stars say in GQ Magazine and everywhere else?  Americans have opinions, and they don’t always gel.  I always thought that ‘discussion’ and even ‘disagreement’ were basic rights of the citizenry.  There’s another right – the right to choose one’s entertainment.  A&E, I’m turning you off and tuning you out.  Consider yourself ‘on hiatus’.

Meanwhile, I hope you will come to realize that true diversity means that all sides get to have a say.