DISCOVER CHURCH is an interesting Church Family!  When you visit us you will experience friendliness and genuine warmth from our people.  And if you come more than once you quickly sense that you have found a great new set of friends.

When you look below the surface you will be intrigued to discover that we are a widely diverse and refreshingly eclectic congregation. We are international in composition and we love it that way!  The look and feel of our church culture is increasingly mosaic.

We are multi-generational, too.  Our worship style and the music experienced at Discover Church reflect our multi-generational and intercultural blend.  In fact, our worship continues to evolve as newly arrived musicians contribute their talents to that blend.

We are regular folk – working and retired.  We are entrepreneurs, engineers, consultants, accountants, and medical personnel.  We are high school instructors and college professors, NCAA coaches, agricultural and telecom techs, booksellers, landscapers, clerks and railroaders!  In other words, our backgrounds  are as diverse as we are, and no one ‘type’ dominates our Church Family.  Every person who is genuinely interested in exploring the Christian Faith with us, is welcome to add his or her ‘flavor’ to our already intriguing mix!

Oh yes — We do not imagine that we have ‘arrived’ spiritually or that we have all the answers!  We recognize that we are a work in progress – a Church of Explorers.  Come and explore Christ with us!