Healing is about fixing the broken systems in our bodies, minds, and spirits.  Before the fruit was touched in Eden human bodies were not broken or ailing.

Before sin entered the human heart, the mental and emotional capacities of human persons were fully functional and sound.  Before the entry of unbelief and intentional sin the human spirit was unflawed.  When sin entered, human bodies were cursed by God with the capacity – in fact the assurance – of death.  Human minds became unsound, and human spirits broke away from the bonds of their Creator.

Because of His great love, God formed the plan of restoration from the brokenness, committed the execution of that plan to His Son, and began to grant a foretaste of eternal restoration by demonstrating physical, mental, and spiritual healings.

And, while it is true that “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved” here and now (Rom 10:13) – it is not true that everyone who prays for healing will be healed in this life.  Let’s remember that the context of our humanness is that we live under a mortal curse until the day of our death or until the Lord’s return – at which time we are promised a glorious personal transfiguration in Him. (I Cor 15:42-56)  Some persons will have to wait for full the physical and mental restoration supplied in the next life.  Nevertheless, full and perfect healing will come when God restores us and transforms each of us to the likeness of Jesus Christ. (Rom 8:29)

God will grant each of us a perfect, unbroken body that is fail-proof.  This of course is only true of God’s children, and God’s children are all followers of Jesus Christ – every last one of them.  The followers of other faiths are not the children of God.  In fact, all others will be damned and will enter into a state of permanent brokenness, suffering and death in the life to come … the very opposite of eternal healing!

Anyone’s healing should encourage us, because it is a visible sign of God’s final intentions for the restoration of all Christ followers.

In The Christian and Missionary Alliance we teach the biblical truth that healing is an act of God’s grace – and not a contractual obligation – and that healing continues as a sign of the future, full redemption we already possess in promise in Christ.  In that sense, anyone’s healing should encourage us, because it is a visible sign of God’s final intentions for the restoration of all Christ followers, that is to say:  we will all be fully healed by God at the resurrection of His Church!

When we become ill each of us wants our own healing to be granted in this life – now!  The good news is that God is frequently gracious in bringing a healing to pass.  He accomplishes that in  miraculous and astounding ways at times, and He also does that naturally through the healing processes He has embedded in the human person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual healing capacities.  We catch a cold; we come out the other end of it in a week.  We cut a finger; it bleeds, but the bleeding stops and a scar is left to show the place of healing.  The fact that the bleeding stops is a gift of healing which God has provided.  The scar is a ‘place-marker’ reminding us of the natural healing processes we already experience every day.  Similar arguments can be made times with regard to recovery from illnesses of the mind.  The mind has an amazing capacity to heal.  Such healing processes are as God-given as are the miraculous variety; they indicate the restorative kindness of God!

The healing of blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52) is perhaps a good instructional lesson for all those who seek healing.  Beggars were prolific in first century Israel, and this one had some pretty good theology; “Son of David” he cried out to Jesus.  Persisting, in spite of the embarrassment of those around him he shouted out all the more. (v.47,48)  And, while Jesus responded to his boisterous faith – the faith of Bartimaeus was also expressed in the persistence of his asking.  He asked repeatedly and adamantly and the miraculous grace of sight was given him.

The faith of Bartimaeus was expressed after his healing as well.  Verse 52 tells us that after receiving his sight he “followed Jesus along the road.”  Which road? – the nearly twenty mile road from Jericho to Jerusalem where Jesus, mounted on a beast of burden would ride triumphantly into its streets (it was Palm Sunday).

In this ‘appointed-unto-mankind-once-to-die’ world, our God has given us a picture of the Glorious Eternal Redemption planned for all His children.  That sign is healing!  We should pray for it for ourselves.  We should pray for it for others.  We should persist in those prayers for ourselves and others.  We should thank God deeply and with profound wonder when we receive healing.  We should desire it, expect it, and closely follow the Savior who provides it.  We should see healing as a signpost pointing to the eternal intimacy we will attain in Jesus Christ – at which time we will fully experience and share in His perfections and likeness.