Consider the statements of several famous liars in historical order:  

Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars.” – FDR;   “The United States plans no military intervention in Cuba.” – JFK;   “I am not a crook” – RMN;   “I did not have sex with that woman.”- WJC;    “You can keep your own doctor.” – BHO. 

Everyone has lied.  Everyone.

President, palm reader, plumber, priest.  All have lied.  You and I have lied.  Every world leader past and present – every religion’s founder living or dead;  every pope and every mullah.  Every pujari, bikkhu, nun and monk.  All have lied.

Only Jesus Christ has not lied to us.

Jesus said He was the Son of God.  He said He was the Living Water of which a person may drink and never thirst again;  He called Himself the bread of life;  He taught that there were many false pathways in life, and that most people were following them;  He said that He was the one narrow Way and the Truth and the Life.  He Jesus warned that no one — no one could find God except through Him.  And he proved what He said by healing the sick, raising the dead, and changing the world through His death, burial and astounding resurrection!

What Jesus said can be trusted.  In a world filled with pervasive deception, Jesus Christ can be fully trusted.

Christianity is True and its Founder trustworthy.

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