Christianity is irrelevant if its teachings are flawed, and if they don’t accomplish promised results for everyday people.  The evidence is that they’re not, and they do.  Consider for a moment, their relevance to life’s real questions:

Problem: No matter how many goals I accomplish I am never fully satisfied with my place in life.  Jesus solves that issue by redirecting your goals toward tasks with eternal values.

Problem: I am always forced to evaluate my work against the work of others.  Jesus solves that by infusing your life’s assignments with His values and by lovingly bringing you into accountability to Him.

Problem: I am confused by the messy complications of a blended family.  Jesus not only offers to heal broken relationships if we allow Him, but He helps mold families into His definitions of relationship and structure.

Problem: I am confused by sex and gender issues.  Jesus shows us that the one-man, one-woman model for marriage He authored is the only one that works, and that all others are destructive and confused.

Problem: I have no peace no matter how hard I look for it.  Jesus offers His Divine peace to everyone who seeks it, without exception.

Problem: The afterlife freaks me out – I don’t know where I am going or even if there is any place to go!  Jesus gives assurance of eternal life and certainty of heaven to all those who follow Him.

We could go on indefinitely but the baseline truth here is that …

Jesus Christ has answers to every serious life question.  Every one of them.

There is a once-a-week, ten week course in which most of the relevant truths of the Christian Faith are examined – a ‘Christianity 101’ on the real life issues.  THE ALPHA COURSE is offered in a casual setting over coffee and relaxed conversation with pleasant people like you who search for relevance.  

To be part of our next  ALPHA COURSE,  join us Wednesday evenings beginning March 5.  When? 7:00 pm.  Where?  DISCOVER CHURCH in Camp Hill – 769 Meadow Drive – phone:  763-7466.  We think your participation would be amazing!  Dress is casual and  the cost is free.  Invest in one or all ten Wednesdays beginning March 5!  What you take away will be truly relevant.  We promise.  Test the claims of Christianity for yourself!