When we were kids we loved our Saturday morning super-heroes.  We date ourselves mentioning which ones of course, and I have occasionally named some of mine only to receive blank stares from persons less ‘seasoned’ than myself.  The earliest super-hero that I can recall was Tom Terrific with his sidekick Manfred The Wonder Dog.  Tom Terrific’s heroics were not testosterone based; he had a ‘thinking cap’ which when deployed, vibrated and smoked – eventually providing Tom with a perfect solution to the problem at hand.  A bit more physical were Mighty Mouse and Popeye, and that was about it for super heroes for me.  My cartoon interests took a more sophisticated turn toward Yosemite Sam, Marvin the Martian, and the rest of the Bugs Bunny Gang.  Those I viewed (and on rare occasions still view) for laughs alone.

Who were/are your super-heroes? – GI Joe,  Speed Racer,  The Transformers,  My Little Pony,  Strawberry Shortcake,  Sailor Moon?  Or do your tastes run more to a squarish ‘sponge’ icon?  Perhaps something darker grabs your fancy – like a demon ninja, teenage vampire, werewolf, or edgy archer?  Whatever or whomever our super heroes were or are they are summoned up from within a basic human need.

We want to live powerfully and vicariously through another.

It’s true.  We want to live powerfully through another being because we ourselves are not powerful.  So we try to live beautifully through a celebrity because we fear we are ordinary in looks, or dangerously through an action idol because we are tame.  In short, we seek to be less boring than we are!  The irony is that we Americans who possess more toys and choice of entertainments than almost anyone else – seem to be the most easily bored!  As our idols shine, our self-image dims, and the cycle to create ever more fantastic heroes and idols grows.  The irony is that we miss the best this life has to offer because of these obsessions.

Jesus Christ offers to live His life through us.

When He died on the cross for us almost two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ proposed that by faith we would switch out our own lives for a new one that He would live vicariously through us!  Talk about the super-hero factor!  The all-powerful, all-knowing God of the Universe offers to give us the very life of His Son!!  It seems fantastic, but it’s true.

How can one learn the details of such an offer?  I have three words:  THE ALPHA COURSE.  Wouldn’t it be perfect if there was a course as short as a college quarter in which all the basics of the Christian Faith were explained? – a sort of ‘Christianity 101’ course?  And what if that ‘Christianity 101’ course was offered in a casual setting with relaxed conversation with pleasant people?  All this describes THE ALPHA COURSE.  If you are interested in exploring the Christian Faith in a casual ten week course, all you have to do is to show up Wednesdays at 7 pm beginning March 5.  The place?  DISCOVER CHURCH in Camp Hill – 769 Meadow Drive – phone 763-7466.  You’re invited!  Dress is casual and the cost is free.  Invest one Wednesday evening – or all ten of them beginning March 5.  What you take away may last you a lifetime.  Try ALPHA.