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Foot Race To The Cliff's Edge

by Pastor

The starting gun has fired. Runners have sprung from the starting blocks and a hard sprint is fully engaged. The race is inclusive of all kinds of runners and the finish tape is just past the cliff’s edge. Many of the people of our present culture are in a race, accelerating toward their own damnation […]

Phil Robertson 'On Hiatus' Seriously, A&E ??

by Pastor

Dear A&E: Let me be clear;  I have never self-identified as a redneck, and have never been a regular Duck Dynasty viewer.  Not my pâté de foie gras I reckon, but some of my dearest friends and family are ‘Duck’ devotees! But seriously, A&E ?? … Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson is in the naughty chair ‘on hiatus’ because […]

Monsters and Mayors

by Pastor

At his sentencing hearings Ariel Castor incredibly postulated, “I just wanted to clear the record that I am not a monster.”  The record seems clear that he is.  Additional verbose meanderings from his lips indicated a mind not much informed by reality. In fact, this was a week for the weirdly ridiculous:  A ‘virtual’ exhibitionist insisted he would seek the […]

Running With Bulls

by Pastor

The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain is the most famous of the many traditional ‘bull runs’ held each year in towns across Portugal and Spain.  As usual, the news media gave us a visual snippet of the annual half-mile event, and updated reports of the current year’s ‘accidents’.  No one died this year, but several persons […]

D.O.M.A. ~ G.L.B.T. ~ B.I.B.L.E.

by Pastor

Today the Supreme Court of the United States struck down the Defense of Marriage Act.  Many persons who prefer to identify and define themselves by their sexual choices were overjoyed.  The Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual-Transgender Community celebrated.  One member of this Community stated that he could now “marry the man he loved”.  Another one indicated that he’d finally become a […]

Violence (Gun & Otherwise) – The Heart Issue

by Pastor

We are all aware that the politics of gun control bring on the most heated responses from persons all across the spectrum. However, as I am a pastor and not a political science expert, I want to address the subject of gun violence and not the nuances of gun control. At the outset I should […]

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