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A Bit Of Christmas Philosophy

by Pastor

We hope you are enjoying the season in which we celebrate our Savior’s birth.  Remember that there are many voices who seek to turn people aside from a soul-saving belief in the Person and Mission of Jesus Christ.  They turn a deaf ear to the claims of Jesus Christ, but He never turns a deaf […]

Christianity – Is It Irrelevant?

by Pastor

Christianity is irrelevant if its teachings are flawed, and if they don’t accomplish promised results for everyday people.  The evidence is that they’re not, and they do.  Consider for a moment, their relevance to life’s real questions: Problem: No matter how many goals I accomplish I am never fully satisfied with my place in life.  Jesus solves that issue by […]

'Don't Take CHRIST out of Christmas' is Not a Cliché!

by Pastor

‘Don’t Take CHRIST out of Christmas’ is not a Cliché!  There is an underlying tension between the sacred and the secular at Christmas.  Secularists seek to boil all the multiple year-end holidays down to a common denominator.  Their positions result in the mathematical convenience of compressing ever-increasing religious and quasi-religious elements into the year’s end.  This cultural jambalaya is […]

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