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A Bit Of Christmas Philosophy

by Pastor

We hope you are enjoying the season in which we celebrate our Savior’s birth.  Remember that there are many voices who seek to turn people aside from a soul-saving belief in the Person and Mission of Jesus Christ.  They turn a deaf ear to the claims of Jesus Christ, but He never turns a deaf […]

Healed In The Kingdom

by Pastor

Healing is about fixing the broken systems in our bodies, minds, and spirits.  Before the fruit was touched in Eden human bodies were not broken or ailing. Before sin entered the human heart, the mental and emotional capacities of human persons were fully functional and sound.  Before the entry of unbelief and intentional sin the […]

'Roll Your Own' Faith

by Pastor

Picture a cowboy standing silhouetted against the romantic backdrop of Utah’s Monument Valley at sunset. He is rolling his own cigarette in this familiar ‘western’ vignette. Rugged, intense, self-sufficient – he is a throwback to a by-gone era when smokes were not packaged by machines and the Surgeon General did not get to comment on the […]

Foot Race To The Cliff's Edge

by Pastor

The starting gun has fired. Runners have sprung from the starting blocks and a hard sprint is fully engaged. The race is inclusive of all kinds of runners and the finish tape is just past the cliff’s edge. Many of the people of our present culture are in a race, accelerating toward their own damnation […]

Christianity – Is It Irrelevant?

by Pastor

Christianity is irrelevant if its teachings are flawed, and if they don’t accomplish promised results for everyday people.  The evidence is that they’re not, and they do.  Consider for a moment, their relevance to life’s real questions: Problem: No matter how many goals I accomplish I am never fully satisfied with my place in life.  Jesus solves that issue by […]

Christianity – Is It Untrue?

by Pastor

Consider the statements of several famous liars in historical order:   “Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars.” – FDR;   “The United States plans no military intervention in Cuba.” – JFK;   “I am not a crook” – RMN;   “I did not have sex with that woman.”- WJC;    “You can keep your own doctor.” – […]

Christianity – Is It Boring?

by Pastor

When we were kids we loved our Saturday morning super-heroes.  We date ourselves mentioning which ones of course, and I have occasionally named some of mine only to receive blank stares from persons less ‘seasoned’ than myself.  The earliest super-hero that I can recall was Tom Terrific with his sidekick Manfred The Wonder Dog.  Tom Terrific’s heroics […]

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