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Christmas Services at Discover Church

by Pastor

Discover Church will present three Special Services December 15, 22, and 29.  The public will be warmly welcomed at each of them. The Glorious Music of Christmas There is nothing like sacred Christmas music.  It lifts the spirit and stimulates the heart and mind to focus on something and some One higher than ourselves – The Savior […]

'Don't Take CHRIST out of Christmas' is Not a Cliché!

by Pastor

‘Don’t Take CHRIST out of Christmas’ is not a Cliché!  There is an underlying tension between the sacred and the secular at Christmas.  Secularists seek to boil all the multiple year-end holidays down to a common denominator.  Their positions result in the mathematical convenience of compressing ever-increasing religious and quasi-religious elements into the year’s end.  This cultural jambalaya is […]

Calling Brave Students

by Pastor

Students have this propensity to save the world.  I get that; I was one of those.  In the seventies we thought we were in fact saving the world from hypocrisy, ignorance, and planetary destruction.   We chanted, marched, love and hallucinated our ways into bringing about a New World.  Now my once enlightened classmates seldom chant – but  do sometimes talk to […]

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