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Plastic Hippos In The Pool (or: We Evangelicals should listen better.)

by Pastor

I confess: I am an incurable watcher of documentaries.  Of course this places me at odds with my family who, probably with  justification object to viewing sixty-minute chunks of film on reptiles, the bubonic plague or the life of fungi.  So rarely do these offerings contain any dramatic or comedic content that the eyes of the […]

Looking for a Non-denominational Church?

by Pastor

These days many people who search for churches seek out non-denominational settings.  The reasons seem to boil down to just a few:  There is the expectation that non-denominational churches are not encumbered by the ‘baggage’ of the history, traditions and internal politics coming from an organized church denomination.  There is also the belief that a non-denominational church […]

Monsters and Mayors

by Pastor

At his sentencing hearings Ariel Castor incredibly postulated, “I just wanted to clear the record that I am not a monster.”  The record seems clear that he is.  Additional verbose meanderings from his lips indicated a mind not much informed by reality. In fact, this was a week for the weirdly ridiculous:  A ‘virtual’ exhibitionist insisted he would seek the […]

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